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From A Great Height

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

A poem about the unique shifts in perspective experienced while gazing out an airplane window that I wrote while flying from New York to California some years ago.

All sudden beautifully does grow

When gazed upon by distant eye

From lofty view of landscapes lo

Ascending onward into sky

The vastness of an ocean still

Inertia casts illusions grand

Of motions slowed and distance filled

We crawl above the patterned land

Winged perspective offers visions

Geometries not often seen

Tiny squares and long divisions

Blended with organic green

Mountains loom like dunes of earth

With rippled waves of stone

Scribbled lines to mark the paths

Where exploration's grown

A macrocosmic circuitry

Which hums with labours so complex

Its outcome scoffs at prophecy

Its methods never man detects

Contemplating yonder wing

Which holds us in this eerie flight

A metal push towards heaven brings

Perceptions for my eager sight

And now the clouds obstruct my thoughts

Casting Earth's expanse in haze

Miles of lives who seem now caught

Amidst a white and foggy maze

Horizons grow to epic bounds

Uniting all I see

With downward view of common ground

How small this world can be

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