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Celebrating their passions for cannabis, travel, and each other.

Amsterdam Anniversary
Mediterranean Cruise
The Pantheon
Cannabis Greenhouse
Vaping on a train
Chichen Itza
Grand Canyon
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Arenal Volcano
Skinny Bridge
Joshua Tree
Wheels up on the next adventure!
The Coliseum
Golden Gate Bridge
Buy the ticket, take the ride
Top of the Rock
Mt. Rushmore
Burning Man Double Rainbow
On the Brooklyn Bridge
Honeymoon Cocktails
Route 66
Southernmost Point in US
Hoover Dam
Napa Valley
The Parthenon
Montezuma's Castle
La Pedreras
Burning Man Festival
Greek Theater - Montjuic
Brooklyn Bridge
Temple of Apollo
Vancouver Island
Trevi Fountain
Boston Harbor
The Agora
Smugglers Plane
Statue of Liberty
McWay Falls
Into the great blue yonder
Valley of the Gods
Cannabis Legalization March
Cadillac Ranch
The Parthenon
Brooklyn Bridge
Chichen Itza
The Roman Forum
Big Sur
NYC Skyline
Central Park
La Pedreras
San Diego
Amalfi Coast
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park
Top of the Rock
Monument Valley
Lobster Lunch
Golden Gate Bridge
Library of Celsus
Amsterdam April
Higher Way Travel is a full-service, 420-forward travel agency created to help elevate the experience of tourists attending various cannabis events. The company was founded by former Coffeeshop Travel rep "Amsterdam" April Black—who, for six years, handled all of the travel packages and customer service for the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam each November—and her husband Bobby Black, the former High Times senior editor who ran several High Times events and attended more Cannabis Cups than any other staffer. 
It was a stony-book romance: sparks began to fly the moment they met at the 2006 Cannabis Cup, sharing their first kiss on stage at the awards show. The pair got engaged during an Amsterdam canal cruise in 2009, and tied the knot two years later at one of the first ever full-fledged cannabis-themed weddings. 
Over the past decade, April and Bobby have attended countless cannabis events and embarked on numerous adventures together: from the deserts of Sedona, The Grand Canyon and Burning Man; to the beaches of the Riviera Maya; from the volcanos and cloud forests of Costa Rica; to the ancient ruins of Rome, Ephesus, Athens and Chichen Itza; from the coffeeshops of Amsterdam and Barcelona to the bucolic beauty of Vancouver Island.
Now, this cannabis power couple are putting their years of experience with travel and marijuana events to work for you—offering stoner-proof itineraries and friendly, personalized customer service to ensure that your trip to your chosen cannabis event, vacation or destination is hassle-free. 
Don't travel the hard way—travel the Higher Way.

Who We Are

April & Rick Steves

April meeting one of her heroes: world-renowned travel guru and cannabis advocate  Rick Steves.